Bernice Johnson Reagon

Bernice Johnson Reagon is a composer, singer, historian, and author specializing in African American oral, performance, and protest traditions. She is founder and artistic director of Sweet Honey in the Rock, for whom she has composed numerous works. She is a Distinguished Professor of History at American University, and Curator Emeritus at the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History. Her recent works include We Who Believe in Freedom: Sweet Honey In the Rock (Anchor Books, 1993) and We'll Understand It Better By and By (Smithsonian Press, 1992). She was conceptual producer and narrator of the Peabody Award-winning twenty-six hour radio series Wade in the Water: African American Sacred Music Traditions , produced by the Smithsonian Institution and National Public Radio. Bernice Johnson Reagon created the score for Alonzo King LINES Ballet’s Rock in 1995, and performed live with the company in San Francisco.

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