Jim Doyle

As career paths go mine has been rather tortured, starting and almost immediately abandoning physics in favor of the theater. Then film special effects, theme park effects, resort installation effects. Photography, cinematography, videography, various other 'ographies. Tried lots of important sounding stuff.

The advantage of variation is lack of inertia. Or lack of direction, depending on the point of view. Able and willing to change course, I learned the ways of art at the feet of masters, and of this I am ever aware. So bios bother me...

Instead I will pay your attention to some teachers who may not have been aware of their teaching, nor was I most of the time. Francis Ford Coppola, Gene Kelly, Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson, Vittorio Storaro, Joe Lombardi, John Hench, Steve Wynn, Mark Fuller, Mickey Hart, Aubry Wilson, Stacey Tookey, Gus Van Sant, these and many other Google worthy individuals. I can directly attribute whatever capacities I possess to their influence. I see differently and do differently now because I was made to ... by paying attention.

True, I have an Academy Award, and other recognition has come my way. But it's the shoulders of these masters upon which I stand. And now that path has led me to LINES, to Alonzo King and Robert Rosenwasser, to this group of dancers, who together put work in the world that makes us so much richer for it. I am honored and humbled to be invited to work in the sphere of great masters again. And pay it forward.

Jim Doyle Jim Doyle