Marty Sohl


Marty Sohl has been documenting dance through her photography for over twenty years. A professional ballet dancer for ten years, Marty was inspired to learn photography as a means of staying involved in the dance world she loves. Marty has worked with numerous San Francisco Bay Area Dance companies. Her photos appear regularly in Dance Magazine, Opera News, and Pointe Magazine. Marty has photographed Alonzo King's Lines Ballet since 1982 and her images visually represent the Company's identity.

In 1996, Marty received the Isadora Duncan Dance Award for Sustained Achievement for two decades of contribution to the San Francisco Bay Area Dance Community. Richard Philip, Executive Editor of Dance Magazine, described her studio work with these words: "Marty's early experience as a dancer gives her work a distinctly personal point of view... Her photos convey a strong instinct for timing and line. Knowing dance from the inside, she captures on film that exact moment at the peak of an arc of movement... She is a master of tone and texture and atmosphere, often working with great success in the darker hues, with a rich palette of contrasting bright colors that gives her work dramatic depth and intensity."