Mickey Hart

Mickey Hart, who became famous as the percussionist for the Grateful Dead, has always been expanding his rhythmic horizons. Early on, Hart set out to explore the rhythms and sounds of music from around the globe. It began with seminal world music titles Diga and Rolling Thunder. Hart later added the sounds of nature to his compositions in At the Edge. He then brought together master drummers from around the globe and won the first World Music Grammy with Planet Drum in 1991, and then won again in 2007 with the electronica-inspired Global Drum Project. Through modern technology, Mickey and some of the world’s leading scientists have converted cosmic light waves into sound waves. Connecting with the universe's most celestial vibrations from the Big Bang to the rings of Saturn to the Black Hole, Hart translates light waves of exploding stars and other cosmological phenomena into a musical exploration of Space. Mickey Hart created the score for Alonzo King LINES Ballet’s evening-length Triangle of the Squinches, which premiered in San Francisco in 2011.

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