Teens @LINES

Teens @LINES provides dynamic dance education that inspires unique artistry and strong technical training for youth ages 12-18. The program is born from the philosophy of Alonzo King and offers the young dancer a unique opportunity to strengthen the artist within, emphasizing creativity, and giving considerate attention to the development of the whole person and who they are in the world. Students participate in weekly classes at the beginning, intermediate/advanced levels, as well as a series of intensive master classes to foster the transition into continued dance study. Teens @LINES is taught by renowned faculty and gives students an exclusive chance to work with guest artists from the LINES Ballet community, including current and former LINES company members and Artistic Director, Alonzo King.

Both the master class series and weekly class series are designed to give dancers an in-depth understanding of foundational technique and the choreographic process. While building skill and strength through sound technical learning, students will also have the opportunity to experience the creative process and discover their own artistic voice through dance in a safe and encouraging environment.

"Training in dance is a door into acquiring knowledge about how things work…The process of problem solving and inquiry produces bright minds. When the mind is sharpened through dance, its sharpness remains intact when applied to other forms of study." Alonzo King

Teens @LINES Class Series

Beginning in 2016-2017, Teens @LINES is comprised of three classes:

At the end of each session students will present their work in a student showing.

Beginning Ballet Technique and Beginning Contemporary Weekly Class Series

Saturdays, 10:30am – 12:30pm

For the beginning teen dancer, both Ballet and Contemporary dance instruction are combined in to the same 2-hour time. Students will explore foundational ballet technique and then transition into sophisticated phrase work and choreographic exploration specifically for the teen dancer. This approach allows the student to build technique and apply their skills in a safe and encouraging setting as students discover their artistry and creative voice. Descriptions for each part of the class are below.

Beginning Ballet Technique (1 hour): This class introduces basic technique and foundational principles, drawing on traditional Vaganova style (levels one and two) of classical ballet, and allows students to explore in a holistic approach to classical training in an encouraging and student-focused environment. Students gain physical strength, learn proper placement and anatomical alignment, understanding of ballet studio etiquette, and positive mentorship for developing self-confidence.

Beginning Contemporary (1 hour): This class introduces concepts of contemporary movement to the beginning teen dancer. Students learn the essential foundational skills of modern dance technique, including proper alignment, movement vocabulary, increasing range of movement and flexibility, and injury prevention. Student are guided by the instructor in the process of exploring original movement, developing phrase-work and learning musicality.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Technique

Sundays, 10 – 11:30am

This class builds on basic technique and foundational principles of classical ballet to support the development of a larger movement vocabulary and skilled practice at the intermediate and advanced levels. It draws on traditional Vaganova style (levels one and two) and applies somatic philosophy to core concepts of ballet, generating an integrative and holistic approach to classical training. Intermediate/advanced dancers will continue to develop and refine physical strength, proper placement and alignment, balletic vocabulary and comprehension, and technical competency.

Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary and Choreographic Process

Sundays, 11:30am – 1pm

This class further builds on concepts of contemporary movement and offers the intermediate/advanced dancer the opportunity to explore more in-depth the process of creating original choreography. Students further develop their movement vocabulary, generating greater physical capacity, movement articulation, and stronger technique. The instruction is geared towards deepening the choreographic process and strengthening the dancer’s ability to generate original work.

Teens @LINES Class Series: 2017 Spring Session Faculty

Beginning Ballet Technique and Beginning Contemporary: TBA
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Technique: Daiane Lopes da Silva
Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary and Choreographic Process: Victor Talledos

Teens @LINES Master Class Series

For the intermediate/advanced dancer, the master class series offers intensive day-long master classes taught by LINES faculty, LINES company members and Alonzo King. The rigorous 7 hour-day is comprised of three classes including intermediate/advanced ballet technique, contemporary, modern, jazz and repertoire or World Dance. Students are encouraged to push beyond boundaries of their artistry, and reveal their authentic voice as a dancer. At the end of each master class students participate in Q&A sessions with artists from within the LINES dance community, including program directors, current LINES company members and Artistic Director.

Dates: September 11, October 23, December 18, February 19, April 2, May 28
10am – 5:30pm

Teens @LINES Registration and Pricing

Spring Registration Opens November 15 for 2016/17 Teens @LINES.

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Register early for a discount! For Teens @LINES Class Series, the first 10 registrants to use promo code First10 will have their $25 registration fee waived. For Teens @LINES Master Class Series, the first 15 registrants to use promo code First15 will have their $5 registration fee waived.

Do not use Internet Explorer when registering online. During registration, please be sure to add your student's name before completing class selection.

For Beginning Dancers:

Teens @LINES: Beginner Class Series FALL 2016 SPRING 2017
Semester Dates: September 17 – December 10
(No class on Nov. 26)
January 14 – May 27
(No class on April 15)
Beginner Ballet/Contemporary:
Saturdays, 10:30am - 12:30pm
$240 $360

For Intermediate/Advanced Dancers:

Teens @LINES: Int/Adv Class Series FALL 2016 SPRING 2017
Semester Dates: September 18 – December 11
(No class on November 27; No class on September 11, October 23 or December 18**)
January 15 – May 21
(No class on April 16; No class on February 19, April 2, May 28**)
Int/Adv Ballet:
Sundays, 10am – 11:30am
$216 $270
Int/Adv Contemporary:
Sundays, 11:30am – 1pm
$216 $270

Teens @LINES: Master Class Series FALL 2016 SPRING 2017
Sundays, 10am – 5:30pm September 11, October 23, December 18 February 19, April 2, May 28
**ADD ON DISCOUNTED Master Classes for Fall or Spring Teens @LINES Students $165 $165
Master Class Series $85 per Master Class; $255 for all 3 $85 per Master Class; $255 for all 3

Discovery Project at LINES Dance Center

Aspiring dancers at the intermediate to advanced level, ages 13 and up, are immersed in workshops and LINES philosophy through the accessibility of the Discovery Project. In a four-day intensive, dancers explore a variety of techniques.

Discovery Project at LINES Dance Center: January 5-8, 2017

For more details, visit linesballet.org/discovery

Photos by Matthew Evearitt