Summer Program

Frequently Asked Questions



We, at LINES, have reached a final decision deemed most suitable for the standard of our Summer Programs. While California is set to open mid-June, this does not currently translate to fully opening our studios for our Summer Programs. Our Summer Program students and families can rest assured that continuing with our Online Summer Programs will provide dancers with a robust curriculum that encapsulates the LINES approach and philosophy. Read the full announcement.

Will LINES offer Online Summer Programs?
YES! We are excited to offer another way to submerge into the LINES experience this summer. If we cannot be together in our studios, we will join you in your home!

When are the Online Programs?

    • Pre-Professional | Ages 17 – 25 | June 21 – July 4
    • Advanced | Ages 14 – 17 | July 26 – August 7
    • Junior | Ages 11 – 14
      • 1 week: July 5 – 10, 2021
      • 2 weeks: July 5 – 16, 2021

Like our in-studio program, our Online Summer Programs are rooted in the philosophy of Alonzo King. For curriculum, faculty, and other details, view our Program Page

Our Summer Programs are by audition only. Visit our Audition page for more details.


Karah M. Abiog, Director

Linda Lam,
Operations Manager
415.863.3040 x248


How do I register for an audition?
Please see our Audition page for registration links and instructions. You will receive an email confirmation outlining the next steps, including how to upload your Headshot, Dance Resume, and Letter of Intent.

What is the dress code?
Wear form-fitting dancewear and style hair neatly away from your face. Most students wear a leotard and tights or shorts, but there is no restriction on color or style. Pointe work is not required at the audition.

How do I prepare for a virtual audition class?
Click here to read a blog article featuring three faculty members who share their top tips for attending a virtual audition class.


What platform does LINES use for Online Summer Program classes?
All classes will be live streamed using Zoom. You can access Zoom on your browser via its website or download the app onto your computer/laptop/iPad/mobile device.

What do I need to participate in an Online Summer Program?
You will need:

  • a stable internet connection
  • a safe space to take class with the ability to fully extend your limbs in every direction
  • proper footwear for the surface of your floor
  • a barre for ballet (can use a counter or stable chair)
  • a chair or stool for GYROKINESIS® (Pre-Professional and Advanced programs)

Will we have the opportunity to take class with Alonzo King?
Students in our online two-week program will have the privilege of experiencing one day of Time with Alonzo King in Workshop and Conversation.

Is there a performance at the end of the session?
For our Online Summer Programs, there are virtual performative presentations – Sharings. The students are able to perform LINES Repertoire, and will present the culmination of their investigative studies and choreographic processes. We welcome family and friends to join us for these Sharings in Zoomland!


Do you offer scholarships?
Yes, the Summer Program offers scholarships. Awards are based on both the financial need of the family and the student’s artistic potential. More information will be made available upon acceptance.

More LINES Ballet Programs

I would like to train at LINES but I am not able to attend the full program. Are there any other options for me?
LINES Ballet offers a variety of alternatives if you are not able to attend the Summer Program. If you are a teen, please visit our TEENS at LINES programming. LINES Ballet | Dance Center also offers adult open classes.

I’m also interested in LINES Ballet Training Program and/or BFA Program. Can you tell me more about them?
The Summer Program is an excellent opportunity to get to know LINES Ballet’s core faculty and to garner an understanding of the overall philosophy our Education Programs offer. Students will have the opportunity to meet with Program Directors during the Summer Program sessions. Please visit our Training Program and BFA Program sections for more information.