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Spring Season 2023 Performance

Artistic visionary and Bay Area treasure Alonzo King invites you to a performance on April 20, 2023 during the Spring Season of his internationally celebrated contemporary ballet company. Absorb the stunning vocals of Grammy Award-winning singer Ms. Lisa Fischer as she performs live alongside the company dancers. King’s heart-stirring choreography will be backed by large-scale visuals from Richard Misrach, one of the most influential photographers of his generation.

“As artists, which we all are, our obsession is to crumble the veils of delusion, to make the invisible apparent, and to see behind all appearance. If I’ve come to a realization where I’ve left the sense of ‘me‘, and expanded to the sense of ‘we’, finally stepping into the idea of ‘oneness’, how can I exploit a mountain? How can I exploit a people? Because I realize that people and that mountain, is me. That ocean that is being polluted is me.” —Alonzo King

Learn more about our Spring Season 2023 collaborators, BFA Senior Showcase, Family Experience, and parking for the theater.

Alonzo King LINES Ballet Company dancers Maya Harr, Joshua Francique, and Lorris Eichinger

Photography: Alonzo King LINES Ballet | Dancers: Company | Title: Ocean Ballet #1 (Reverse), 2022 | © Richard Misrach 2022; Alonzo King LINES Ballet | Dancers: Maya Harr, Joshua Francique, and James Gowan | Title: Maya, James and Josh, cliffs at Spitting Caves, 2022 [detail] | © Richard Misrach 2022


Date: April 20, 2023
Times: 7:30 PM
Spring Season 2023 performance with Grammy Award-winning vocalist Lisa Fischer and work from acclaimed photographer Richard Misrach at the Blue Shield of California Theater at YBCA


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