Isadora Kolmorgan

Isadora Kolmorgan is a trained classical ballet dancer. In her formative years, she danced in Denver, CO with studios such as Michelle Latimer Dance Academy, Rocky Mountain Dance Academy, and Miller’s Dance Studio, often traveling outside of her Oregon native roots for instruction in the ballet, musical theatre, lyrical, jazz, contemporary and modern dance genres. After living in the Philippines to study ballet at Silliman University, she returned to Oregon where she again studied various dance genres, participating in the productions of Ballet Fantastique. It was ballet, however, that continued to steal her heart, and so she returned to Denver, Colorado where she studied under the direct supervision of Cornell Callender. At the National Ballet Academy of Denver, Isadora trained in Callender’s pre-professional program and obtained a certificate of completion. Other influences, such as the Rocky Mountain Ballet Academy, where she studied under the direct supervision of Alexei Tykouv and Maria Tykouv who taught traditional Vaganova disciplines of ballet, have also driven her to succeed. She then co-founded a dance studio on the Oregon Coast for the community youth in her home state while performing in works and productions by Jessica Jaye Mackinson, founder of Fermata Ballet Collective.

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