A Quarterly Video Series for LINES Ballet Donors


“LINES REWIND” is a quarterly series that shares exclusive footage from LINES Ballet’s archives with donors of $100+.

This collection of videos was published on May 6 and will remain available until our next edition in August 2021. For questions about donor benefits and LINES REWIND access, please contact development@linesballet.org.

LINES REWIND: Spring 2021 Edition

The Spring 2021 Edition of LINES REWIND focuses on the natural world,
a fundamental influence throughout Alonzo King’s prolific repertoire. Enjoy a look back at three of the many ballets that delve into the connective power of dance and nature: Migration (2006), Biophony (2015), and There Is No Standing Still, Part IV (2021).

Commissioned by Movimentos Arts Festival in Wolfsburg, Germany, Migration features music composed by Miguel Frasconi and Leslie Stuck. This piece explores the awakening of complex bodies and the beauty of their constant evolution into new forms. Alonzo evokes the feeling of home that is born into us, the one that guides us wordlessly back to our wondrous origins. When the music laps at the dancers’ limbs, they fold into themselves, as if encased in shells that have been etched by salt and time. There are moments of soaring into vast spaces, of wheeling and diving with complete and precise freedom. Alonzo’s choreography is a call to the spirit and an intimate form of listening for the spirit’s response.

Biophony offers a more linear connection to the natural world through its collaboration with natural bio-acoustician Bernie Krause and composer Richard Blackford. Bernie spent over four decades traveling around the globe with microphones tuned to the earth and its creatures. His recordings immortalize individual animals and entire ecosystems – what he calls “biophony” – a habitat’s collective sonic imprint. These animal soundscapes inspire Alonzo’s work. In this 2015 ballet, the stage becomes an ecosystem, the dancers its sonic players, each immersed in their own song and yet attuned to it all. “Consilience,” the opening section shared here, was recorded at the Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris.

Rounding out the REWIND collection is the most recent chapter of There Is No Standing Still, a dance film series crafted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Alonzo considers the film series a continuation of the company’s repertoire and an opportunity to explore the connection to the natural world. “When you see the dancers in nature, they’re back in the origin of dance,” he told Pointe Magazine last year. “It’s back into the larger picture. And it’s a reminder that we want to continue to expand.” Set to a sweeping score by Edgar Meyer, Part IV premiered at the 2021 Gala and features landscapes from the Bay Area and beyond.

“When you have the opportunity to experience the vastness of nature, you become aware of the loudness of silence and its ever-speaking profundity. You gain the liberating perspective of your own smallness and become aware of rhythms and cycles. Not just the obvious change of seasons or climate, but a subtle perception of nature as a living and communicating presence.
Plants, animals, stones, sky, metals, water — everything in life is whispering meaning, and with great listening, everything may be understood. That is what a true education is, when that which is being conveyed behind all things is known… Art doesn’t seek to imitate the look of nature but represent its essence.”
– Alonzo King (Arcade Magazine, 2016)

Migration (2006)

Choreography: Alonzo King
Music: Pharoah Sanders, Leslie Stuck, and Miguel Frasoni
Costumes: Robert Rosenwasser
Dancers featured: David Harvey, YuJin Kim, Michael Montgomery, Zachary Tang, Meredith Webster, Keelan Whitmore

Biophony (2015)

Choreography: Alonzo King
Music, Soundscape: Bernie Krause, Richard Blackford
Lighting Design: Axel Morganthaler
Costume Design: Robert Rosenwasser
Dancers featured: Robb Beresford, Adji Cissoko, Madeline DeVries, Shuaib Elhassan, James Gowan, Maya Harr, Courtney Henry, YuJin Kim, Babatunji Johnson, Michael Montgomery

There Is No Standing Still, Part IV (2021)

Director: Robert Rosenwasser
Choreography: Alonzo King and the dancers
Editor: Philip Perkins
Camera: Madeline DeVries
Music: “Violin Concerto (2nd movement excerpt)” by Edgar Meyer
Dancers: Robb Beresford, Adji Cissoko, Madeline DeVries, Lorris Eichinger, Shuaib Elhassan, James Gowan, Ilaria Guerra, Maya Harr, Babatunji Johnson, Ashley Mayeux, Alvaro Montelongo, Michael Montgomery

Babatunji Johnson & Laura O’Malley | Biophony | © Quinn B. Wharton
Brett Conway & Meredith Webster | Migration