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How many students are accepted each year?
14–16 freshmen

Do you accept transfer students?
Yes, we do accept sophomore and junior transfer students! Since we strongly prefer that BFA graduates spend a minimum of two years in our program, we generally do not accept senior transfers. If interested in transferring, we recommend that you first contact the LINES Ballet | BFA Program Director. In your email please describe your dance/college history, and attach a transcript if possible.

Is pointe required for women?
We prefer women to be proficient on pointe, however we do occasionally accept talented dancers who do not dance on pointe.


Alonzo King LINES Ballet
Marina Hotchkiss
BFA Program Director
[email protected]
415.863.3040 x281

Dominican University
Office of Admissions
50 Acacia Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
[email protected]



How many hours a week to dance majors typically have in course work?
24 hours per week.

When do students take their academic courses?
Generally between 3:00–8:00 PM on weekdays.

Is it possible to double major?
It is not possible to double major without committing to a fifth year of school, or, possibly, entering the program with an AA degree.

Is it possible to pursue a minor?
Yes! Many of the dance students pursue an academic minor in addition to the dance major. Popular minors are: Psychology, Arts Management, Communications, English with a Writing Emphasis, Humanities and Cultural Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. Note that some minors offered at Dominican are difficult to attain due to course scheduling. Additional units and/or schooling may be required to earn certain minors.




How often do students perform?
All students: Perform in a piece choreographed specifically for their class once each semester (2x in a school year).
Freshmen, sophomores, juniors: Perform in works choreographed by seniors each spring
Juniors: Perform at American College Dance Festival Association regional conference
Seniors: Full evening performance at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco
Other opportunities: Outdoor arts festivals, sophomore and junior choreography showings

Does Alonzo King teach in the program?
Yes! Alonzo teaches all of the students each year. Alonzo also teaches a special week-long workshop intensive for the senior dancers in their final year.

Is the program considered a “feeder” for Alonzo King LINES Ballet?
The LINES Ballet | BFA Program has been designed to nurture and develop the potential within all of our students, and to equip them for a variety of successful professional paths. However, a select few students have auditioned and been accepted into the LINES Ballet Company over the years.



Where do dance classes take place?
Alonzo King LINES Dance Center in San Francisco and Marin Ballet, a private studio walking distance from Dominican campus in San Rafael. Freshmen and sophomores typically spend 2 days a week at LINES Ballet, and juniors and seniors spend 4 days.

What is a typical dance day like?
Everyday starts with Ballet Technique at 9:00 AM, followed by modern technique and GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS® classes twice a week and workshop (a course that encompasses repertoire, choreography, improvisation, composition, and master classes) three times a week. Dance courses typically end by 2:30 PM. September–March, students have additional rehearsals in the evenings for Senior Projects.

How do the students get to the Alonzo King LINES Dance Center in SF?
Round trip bus transportation is provided Monday–Thursday.

Are students required to live on campus?
No, however we encourage freshmen, especially those from out of state, to live in the dorms for freshman year. The dance majors spend a lot of time together. Living in the dorms helps students broaden their social circle and fully experience all that the university has to offer.



Is financial aid available?
Yes, Dominican offers academic merit awards as well as federal financial aid. For details, please visit Dominican’s website and refer your questions to Dominican’s admissions team.

I might need to have a job while in school. Can I do that in this program?
Yes. Many students hold part-time jobs, some on campus and some in outside businesses. You will need good time management skills to balance your schedule. The program is rigorous and performance rehearsals can disrupt the usual schedule on short notice, so we recommend finding an employer who is understanding of student responsibilities.

Dominican University of California
Tuition and Financial Aid
50 Acacia Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
Tel: 415.257.1350
Fax: 415.485.3294
[email protected]

Photography: Alonzo King LINES Ballet | BFA at Dominican | Dancers: Alejandra Preciado and Samantha Weeks | © Steve Disenhof

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