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Alonzo King LINES Ballet is grateful to the generous individual and institutional supporters who help us meet our mission of touching hearts and stirring minds through dance. Donors enable LINES Ballet to develop innovative new work, while also supporting life-changing dance education. Thank you to the following who contributed during the current or prior
two seasons. For more information, contact or 415.863.3040 x257.


We thank the following individuals who contributed to the Annual Fund.


$100,000 and Above
Lucia Choi-Dalton and Greg Dalton
Shelby and Frederick Gans
Marcia Grand
Lisa S. Pritzker

Benno Dorer

Frances Hellman and Warren Breslau
Micki Klearman and Joe Iacocca

Patricia Buse
Paula and Steve Child
Kimberly M. Hughes and Steve Moazed
Susie Sarlo
Diana Smith and Brian Hertzog

Julie Armistead and Fred Mcnear
Eva Barbarossa and Wayne Chambliss
Kaamna Bhojwani
Lawrence Blatt
Lisa Chadwick
Carolyn Press Chatham and Andrew Chatham
Christopher Dydyk and Morris Ratner
Georgina Enthoven and Roberto Charvel
Rohit Dhawan
Shannon Houston and Brad Bugna
Korri Jackson
Ann Jeffries and Lynn Jeffries
Elizabeth Martin (In honor of Jeff Schlarb)
Debbie and Mitch Menaged
Harry and Amy Schoening
Cynthia Sears
Olivia Sears and Craig Bicknell (In honor
of Ron Zuckerman)
Martin Skea and Christopher Mondini
Ira and Sheila Stone
Lindsey Taylor and Charles Vivier
Pasha and Laney Thornton
Jason and June Ting
Carolyn Tyler and Gary Love
Aaron Walton
Geoffrey Weber and Priscilla Hung
Benjamin Weinberger
Wendalyn Williams and Noel Kullavanijaya
Al and Mei Wong
Teddy Zmrhal
Breanna Zwart and Samuel Kuntz

Kristine Boyden and Scott Taylor (In honor
of Ron Zuckerman)
Karen Clopton
Judy Flannery and William Wiley
Yama Gaw and Goodwin Gaw
Sandra Lloyd
Silvia Martins and John Giacomazzi
Fran and David Meckler
Karla Populus and Michael Tate
Elise Rossiter
Jeff Schlarb
Susan Shaw (In honor of Ron Zuckerman)
David Vogel and Larry Fulton

Shellye Archambeau
Judy Belk and Roger Peeks
Laura Bellows
Leah and Jeffrey Bluestone
George and Frances Carlson
Lois and Steve Chess
Helen Degenhardt and Max Jacobson
Joyce Dostale and Michael Mcmahon
Thomas Van Dyck and Anne-Frans Vliet
James Patrick Finerty
William and Sakurako Fisher
Anne Fougeron
Robert and Michelle Friend
Markus Fromherz
Patricia Fulton
Kathryn Goldman Schuyler
Fredeke Goodyear
Mark and Mark Hall
Nancy Hammer and Ronald Paskin
Sabrina and Marco Hellman
Matthew Jones
Toby and Jerry Levine
Junghee Lim
Pat Loomes
Gary and Susanne Lucas
Elvia Marta and Bayan Jamay
Susan Mcgarry
Carolyn North and Herbert Strauss
Shanna O’Hare
Ravi Pendse
Gary Pomerantz and Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz
Sophia Reinders
Camilla Rockefeller
Margaret Selby
Jacqueline Smalley
Reid Stephenson
Bonita, Lucy and Lee Stewart
Alice Phelan Sullivan
Sanjay and Susan Vaswani
Catherin Warner
Timothy Westergren and Smita Singh
Victoria and Richard Zitrin
Ron Zuckerman
Randall Zunser

Joshua Aidlin and Jennifer Stuart
Susan Alexander
Nicole Avril and Dan Gelfand
Mona Baroudi and Patrick Whitgrove
Ravinder Basra
Sally Bingham
Fred Blackwell
Virginia Chen
Susan Crane
Lucille and Ellen Dean
Julia Erickson
Christine and Mark Fisher
Doris Flaherty
Catherine Hazelton
Mari Iki and Martin Maguss
Patricia King
Patricia Lawton
Kit and Hayne Leland
Dean Loumbas and Douglas Hayward
Michael and Avrah Medvin
Diane Mondini
Sharon Murphy
Carla Oakley
Diane Olmstead and Matt Slepin
Frank Petkovich and Timothy Averbeck
Cheryl Polk
Ebony Pollard (In honor of Phil)
Karl Pribram and Sweta Arora
Bill Roman
Hilary Roman
Betsy Strausberg
Gayle Sullivan
Ronald Wong

Jeanne Barr
Rebecca White Bordonado (In memory of
Laurence Zoernig)
Bill and Victoria Bruckner
James Bullock
Tameca Carr
Jennifer Casler
John Cate and Jeanne Myerson
Merkna and Eunice Chee
Helen Cohen and Mark Lipman
Justine Costerouse
Donald Cremers
Judy Domenici
Facebook Donors
Christine Evans
Emily Felt (In honor of Olivia and Adria Bach)
Joel Ficks
Jennifer Fisher
Chuan Yu Foo
Joel Fruchtman and Maureen Murphy
Genette Gaffney
Nancy Gershman
Reinhold Gras
Pam Hagen
Dr. Douglas Hanlin and Kelvin Lynch
Carla and Alice Hartley

Rebekah and Lawrence Helzel
Claire Hill and Timon Karnezos (In honor of Ron
Winnie Koo (In honor of Thanks for good classes
online with Brett)
Brian Kreischer
Tamara Lightfoot
Ziba Marashi (In honor of Ron Zuckerman)
Kenneth Mcneely and Inder Dhillon
Hope Mehlman and Eli Hurowitz (In honor of
Augustin De Kerversau)
Bridget Mullen and Michael Stern
Gwynn O’Gara and Rob Catterton
Ayofemi Oseye
Philip Perkins
Owner Fresh Meat Productions
Diana Sanson and Ben Compton
Laurel Schaffer
Paul and Ann Schwartz
Douglas Shaffer and Walter Rask
Heather and Heather Shane
Laurie Skophammer
Stephanie Somersille
Karen Wiel
Shuaky Xiong
Teriha Yaegashi

Matthew Albright
Kendall Alway
Mary Ann and Paul Cummins
Anjali Austin (In honor of Collier R. Woods, Jr.)
Holly Bacuzzi
Adah Rose Bitterbaum
Dian Blomquist (In memory of Carolyn Evans)
Patrick Cahill
Ellen Chang
Catherine Ching and Michael Freedman
Shirley Ching
Lowell Chodosh and Angela (In memory of
Dorothy Chodosh and Rosi Goldsmith)
Martin and Kathleen Cohn
Jeff and Barbara Couture
Gina Dangelo
Mickiy and Michael Domer
Jane Drake
Mark Eaton
Julia Fishel
Dr. Jan L Fisher and Guillaume Shearin
Nancy Fleischer
Sandra Flow
Constance Ford
Brian Forney and Jack Thompson
Liz Fracchia
Zachary Frangos
Meyers Thomson Fund
Diana Garcia
Elaine Gerstler and Booker Holton
Janette Gitler and Blair Gershkow
Jeannette Gontarek
David Greenebaum
Linsey Grinder
Claude Gruen
Mary Hentges
Beth Hoenninger
Stephanie Jee
Malvin Johnson
Clennita Justice
Josie Kaskovich

Kerry Keen and Nina Ebbighansen
Sally Ketchum
Deborah Lawn
Michael Lee
Fred Levin and Nancy Livingston
Theresa Look
Patrick Mccabe
andrew Mcfarlane
Karen Mclennan
David Meders
Mathew Mitchell and Susan Prion
Sophie De Morelos
Heidi Moseson
Johnnie Norway
Carol Nunnally and Matt Albright
Lester Olmstead-Rose
Marie-Paule and Richard Laden
Lauren Peters
Jasmine Robinson
Clara Carrasco Rodriguez
Alice Rogers
Janet Rogers and Lawrence Simi
Jessica Romm
Fred Rosenblum
Linda Rude
Sarah Saltzer
Ramotse Saunders
Susie Schlesinger
Marci Seville
Donna Shea
Boris Shekhter
Ellen and David Smith (In honor of Diana Smith)
Julie Strong
Deborah and Robert Verity
Pierre and Regina Vilanoba
Frances Waddock
Heidi Wagner (In honor and memory of Hanna Christy)
Barbara Wismer
Paul Wyman
Tricia Young
Wendy and David Young
Erica Ziegler


We thank the following foundations, corporations, and agencies who contributed to the Annual Fund.

$500,000 and Above
Andrew W Mellon Foundation

BMO (Season Presenting Sponsor)
Grants for the Arts
Hewlett Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
The Lisa Stone Pritzker Family Foundation (New Work Sponsor)
San Francisco Human Rights Commission
Skyline Foundation

Crescent Porter Hale Foundation
The Shubert Foundation

BNP Paribas Foundation
The California Wellness Foundation
Kimball Foundation
California Small Business
COVID-19 Relief

Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation
Koret Foundation
New England Foundation for the Arts
Bernard Osher Foundation
San Francisco Foundation

Herb Alpert Foundation
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Samuel Lawrence Foundation

Bloomberg Philanthropies
Gould Family Foundation
Skoll Foundation

California Arts Council
Dance Aspen
Five Arts Fund
McNabb Foundation

Lumos Labs

40x40 DONORS

Lucia Choi-Dalton and Greg Dalton
Carolyn Press Chatham and Andrew Chatham
Kimberly M. Hughes and Steve Moazed
Micki Klearman and Joe Iacocca
Diana Smith and Brian Hertzog
Pasha and Laney Thornton


We thank the following who contributed to the 2022 and/or 2023 Gala.

$50,000 and Above
Lucia Choi-Dalton and Greg Dalton
Benno Dorer
Micki Klearman and Joe Iacocca

Pasha and Laney Thornton
Aaron Walton

Kaamna Bhojwani and Rohit Dhawan
Susan Blanco
Stephen Brady and David Knoll
First Republic Bank
Carolyn Press Chatham and andrew Chatham
Christopher Dydyk and Morris Ratner
Jewish Communal Fund
Vanessa Ginzton
Sabrina and Marco Hellman
Shannon Houston and Brad Bugna
Kimberly M. Hughes and Steve Moazed
Non Plus Ultra(The Mint) Inc
Sandra Lloyd
Betty Louie
Wilhelm Oehl
Gary Pomerantz and Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz
Susie Sarlo
Jeff Schlarb
Harry and Amy Schoening
Diana Smith and Brian Hertzog
The Midway SF
Stasia Washington
The California Wellness Foundation
Al and Mei Wong

Julie Costanzo
Margaret and Libby Coyle
Georgina Enthoven and Roberto Charvel
Ariel Investments
Korri Jackson
Myriam Misrach
Martin Skea and Christopher Mondini
Lindsey Taylor and Charles Vivier
Erin and Kate Thompson
Carolyn Tyler and Gary Love
Lauren Wachsman
Benjamin Weinberger
Victoria and Richard Zitrin
Teddy Zmrhal
Breanna Zwart and Samuel Kuntz

Michael Agins and Robert Hanson
Wynne Ahern
Kurt Bauer
Monica Bernal
Kevin Burke
Casey Cane
Arem Duplessis
Christine Herron
Julia Hsiao
Ann and Lynn Jeffries
Eleanor Pollak
Bouchra Rachid
Margaret Selby
Susan Shaw (In honor of Ron Zuckerman)
Lydia and Douglas Shorenstein (In honor of
Lisa Pritzker)
Robert Specker
Stephanie Young
Renee Zellweger
Ron Zuckerman

Julie Armistead and Fred Mcnear
Rachel Ash and Kian Kamyab
Gail Baugh
Courtney Beck
Todd Brantley
Criselda Breene
Crystal and Craig Bryant
Maria Elena Caprio
Debra Carleton (In honor of Tatum
Jane Clifford
Penelope Cooper and Rena Rosenwasser
Gail and Kendall Covington
Susan Cummins
Philip Davis
Markus Diebel
Steve Dostart
Carol Edgarian (In honor of Harry and Amy
Randi and Robert Fisher
Kaye Foster
Marcelia Freeman
Fredeke Goodyear
Reinhold Gras
Jennifer Ho
Carol Izumi
Kenasha Johnson
Augustin De Kerversau and Ryan
Nakyung Kim
Miranda Kramer
Billy Lagor
Laura & Gary Lauder
Raymond Lee
Jeffrey Lefstin and Jeneen
Diane and Paul Lowrey
Michael Merrill
Jason Monberg
Leopoldo and Polo Montelongo
Kirsten Neff
Denise A. Nelson
Niklas Quarfot Nielsen
Diane Olmstead and Matt Slepin
Frank Petkovich and Timothy Averbeck
Victoria Raiser
Soraya Rios
Rose Roven
Magnus Schevene and Alexandra Milet
Gary Schroeder
Douglas Shaffer and Walter Rask
Tamsin and Zack Smith
Reid Stephenson
Cary Stevens
Fran Streets
Gayle Sullivan
Barbara Tomber
Mary Unsworth
Amy Vanmullekom
Monica Viarengo
Penelope Wong
andres Wydler
Samantha Zinober (In honor of Jeff
Joanne and Rico Zorkendorfer

Tolga Akgun
Henning and Bene Streubel
Maria Bautista
Carol Benz
Lisbeth and Lynda Boyer
Jerome Brown
Pamela Burdak
John Castelly
Caroline Chiu
Richard Chow
Jeff and Jonna Defazio
Kate and Bill Duhamel
Marquesa Finch
Erby and Helena Foster
Mauricio Garcia and Michael Clarke
James Gerber
Nancy Gershman
Peter Glikshtern
Dr Allen “Buddy” Green
Daniela Zappador Guerra
Kristie Hansen
Tristan Kruth
Camille Leblanc
Dean Loumbas and Douglas Hayward
Kevin Maas
Rexanne Martin
Clarke Michalak
Erik Moore
Noelle Moreno
Monica Morse (In honor of Breanna Zwart)
Julia Munck
Rochelle Nadhiri
Ron Najafi
Kirsten and Clark Omholt
Stephen Ozoigbo
Janisha Sabnani
Pedro Salrach
Mahika Shamdasani
Lava Thomas
Richard Whitt
Meredith Willa and Steve Dodson
Constance Wolf
Becky Zatsman

Douglas Amarelo
Patricia Arellano
Allison Ballmer
Anna Barry
Natalie Baszile
Linda Bettinger
Manpreet K. Bhandal
Stephanie Block
Jill Boocock
David Bowman
Aubrey Brewster
Marjorie Briner
Kjell Bronder
Claire Buehler
Chanel Caplan
Molly Carapiet
Janet Carter
Jean-Yves Charon and Aklilu
Angelbert Chikere
Claudia Cimini
Janet Clyde
Luisa Covaria
Raymond Cunha
Paul Dabrowski
Maisha Davis
Kathy and Curtis Dennison
Gerald Dodson
John Downey
Michael and Brenda Finney
Daniel Glaser
Whitney Goldeen
Rachel and Matthew Goldman
Ryan Goldman and Lotte Toftdahl
Leena Gupta
Geena Haney
Karla Harr
Theresa Johnson
Alisha Johnson
Azeb Kifle
Kiyoshi Kimura
Patricia Lawton
Cheng Li
Kirti Mehta
David Miller
Jacqueline Mills & Mara Kubrin
Kojo Minta
Prachi Mishra
Brynn Myers
Rachel Okada
Denise Pate
Cecile Picard
Robert Pierce
Lisa S. Pritzker
Amy Resner and William Lee

Mark Mark Rojas
Mary Russell
Rohini Sadarangani
Hans Sellge
Jacqueline Smalley
Dee Spencer
John Thorpe
Kati Voluntine and Matt Eyre
Deborah Wafer
Catherin Warner
Charles Warren
Emma Wilkiemeyer
Kristina Windom
Tanja Zeise

Yasmin Moraes Abreu
Reem Albaghli
Martha Angus
Jeanne Anyanwu
Jeffrey Asch
Rui Bai
Todd Bloch
Julianne Blunt
Gwyneth Borden
Cindy Burg
Anne Caillat
Sean Callum
Nia Castelly
Valerie Caveney
Amy Chramosta
Donna Cipolla
Tanya Clark
Mark Cloutier
Deborah Cohan
Blaise Collin
Jeanette Conley
Chic Dabby-Chinoy
Dana Dekalb
Nicole Derse
John K Dipaolo
Angela Douglas
Alena Eckhardt
Stephen Van Den Eeden (In honor of
Breanna Zwart)
Allyson and Kent Ferguson
Ana Fernandez and David Perry
Sharon Finkle
Julia Fishel
Peter Fowlers
Latanya Mapp Frett
Richard Gerwe
Gabrielle and Daniel Glaser
Harry Goldberg
Monica Gonzalez
Ignacio Gonzalez
Katharine L. Grimmer
Marielle Groundwater
Amr Guendia and Naila Assem
Rena Marie Guidry
Nathan Gushwa
Jan Half
Nancy Hammer and Ronald Paskin
Dina Hassanein and Hisham Elaraby
Rodney Haynes
Mingzhu He
Andrew Heck
Paul Henderson
Rashida Hodge (In honor of Breanna
Vicki Hughes
Sandra Iraheta and Mireya Rojas
Abigail and Abigail Jackson
Curtis Jacobson
Jill Nunes Jensen
Venessa Jnbaptiste
Joy Johnson
Jayson Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Diane Jones
Nimi Wariboko Jr.
Galvea Kelly
Mark Kelly
Patricia King
Buffy Kistle
Linda Koehler
Sarah Kunst
Jennifer and Angelina Kwong
Kendall Luck Laidlaw
Katie Lang
Charles Lee
Andy Lee
Claudia Love
Kristen Marchi
Samuel Kuntz Matthews
Kelly Mccarthy
Evita and William Mcdaniels
Sherri Mcmullen
Gloriana Mejia
Lindsey Mignano
Jeff Millard
Kyle Miller
Gail Moody-Byrd
Muhammad Nadhiri
Janice Nieder
Ashley Niemerski
Tatyana Norton
Autumn Okeefe and Nick Jumonville
Denise Olson
Nicole Orme
Beatriz Parra
Lauren Peters
Kim Pham
Violeta Sevillano Pires
Siobhan Quinn
Katy Rau Trettau and Craig Trettau
Natalie Reid
Brandon Reivers
Rena Robinson
Jennifer Ross
Mahsa Rostami
Daphne Royse
Simi Sahota
Beth Samuelson
Prishani Satyapal
Rita Schmid and Roxana Melgarejo
Clayton Shelvin
Angela Shiu and Christopher Lewis
Alosha Shkolnik and Samir Halteh
Anne Shulock
Brian Siebenlist
Gina Silvestri and Amy Quigley
Ellen and David Smith
Sharman Spector
Salvatore Spina
Cari Spivack
Ilya Spivak
Stefan Stefanov
Fern Stroud
Lauren Tantillo
Geeta Tate (In honor of Kimberly Hughes)
Joske Thompson
Michael Tiknis
Jennifer Tsai
Olga Tsokova
Dan Veatch
Nicole Voltolina
Ayesha Mathews Wadhwa and Vishal Wadhwa
Eric Waldman
Julia Van De Walle
Cheryl and Charles Ward
Timothy Westergren and Smita Singh
Jeff Wycoff

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