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Alonzo King LINES Ballet seeks dancers of soloist and principal caliber for work beginning in the Fall of 2024.

Ideal candidates are highly proficient and professionally-trained in classical ballet technique. The company looks for dynamic movers whose work shows complexity, curiosity, fearlessness, commitment, and nuance. Female-identifying artists must show strong pointe work. LINES Ballet offers full-time, seasonal employment with excellent benefits and world travel. BIPOC dancers are highly encouraged to audition.

To be considered for the audition, dancers should send their resumes/CVs and dance reels to [email protected]. Reels should contain examples of contemporary choreography as well as pointe work for female-identifying dancers. This can include solo or group work. If it is a group piece, please clearly indicate which dancer should be considered. Please do not submit videos of barre work or classical variations.

Please direct any questions to [email protected].

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