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Alonzo King LINES Ballet | Summer Programs

Alonzo King LINES Ballet | Summer Programs are designed for aspiring artists ages 11-25 and offer a unified approach to training — rooted in the philosophy of Alonzo King. Our Summer Program supports the artistic growth of ballet and contemporary dancers. Dancers are guided on a collaborative journey that values risk-taking and independent thinking. We have an exceptional faculty, many who are former LINES Ballet company dancers and renowned guest artists.

Our aim is to supply a solid technical underpinning, based in classical training, and to provide an environment for the unfolding of the students’ own creative power. They are encouraged to problem solve through exploration and a tenacious work ethic. Emphasis is placed on cultivating the ability to recognize individual gifts and express themselves with fluency.
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Karah M. Abiog

Linda Lam
Operations Manager

Pre-Professional Program

Ages 18–25

This highly rigorous three-week intensive is specifically designed for the aspiring dance professionals ages 18–25. Our program enriches technical and artistic mastery and engages students in an immersive choreographic experience, highly valued in today’s contemporary landscape.

Advanced Program

Ages 14–17 |

This challenging three-week supports the growth of the advanced dancer ages 14-17. Our program focuses on developing individual artistry, increasing technical proficiency, and immersing students in a rich creative process that supports artistic risk-taking and independent thinking.

Junior Program

Ages 11–14

A robust intensive designed for beginner and intermediate dancers ages 11 – 14 that introduces the LINES philosophy and LINES repertoire. It supports the technical and artistic growth of the contemporary ballet dancer. Dancers have the option of taking one or both weeks of the program.

Summer Program Stories

Everything in the phenomenal universe is straight line and circle. The horizon, our heads, arms, electrons, the oceans, planets and stars. Their principal function is to radiate. The task of the human being is also to radiate.

Alonzo King

COVID-19 Protocols

In order to attend Summer Program in-person at LINES Dance Center, all participants will be required to provide proof of full vaccination (including booster shot if eligible*), for COVID-19 and must comply with our organization’s masking mandates. Out of care and concern for our dance community of staff, teachers, and students, we appreciate your support of this policy that benefits us all.

* Eligibility is determined by date of second vaccination and CDC recommendations, or applicable country mandates if not from the United States.
COVID Policies

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