Summer Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I audition?
Three ways to audition for the Summer Program

  • Attend Live Auditions or Workshops in select cities
  • Attend virtual (ON)LINES Workshop
  • Submit a video audition

How do I register for an audition?
Please see our audition page for registration links and instructions. You will receive an email confirmation outlining the next steps, including how to upload your Headshot, Dance Resume, Letter of Intent, and COVID vaccination card.

Can I register the day of the audition?
Registration is open the day of the audition, but you must register online.

What is the structure of the audition?
Our auditions generally include a ballet class, LINES Repertoire and improvisation, but differ slightly with each audition option.

What is the dress code?
Wear form-fitting dancewear and style hair neatly away from your face. Most students wear a leotard and tights or shorts, but there is no restriction on color or style. Pointe work is not required at the audition.

How do I prepare for a virtual audition class?
Visit our blog to read an article featuring three faculty members who share their top tips for attending a virtual audition class.


Karah M. Abiog

Linda Lam
Operations Manager


What are the program dates?

  • Pre-Professional Program | TBA
  • Advanced Program | TBA
  • Junior Program | TBA

* Advanced housing students are required to arrive at the dormitory no later than 4pm on Sunday, July 16.

When should I plan my travel?
Plan your travel to arrive in San Francisco one day before the program starts and depart one day after the program ends.
We are not able to greet students at the airports. Students can take BART trains or transport companies such as LYFT, Uber and taxi cabs.

  • Advanced housing students: Arrive at the dormitory no later than 4pm the day before the program starts. You will be required to show proof of negative COVID testing on your arrival day.
  • Advanced and Pre-Professional dancers: Do not plan travel the night of the Showcase.

Am I required to I attend the full program?
Yes. All students are required to attend the full session. Under no circumstances are students permitted to arrive late, leave during the session, or leave early. Doing this greatly disrupts the program, and the quality of the student’s overall experience and growth during the program. Please check your calendars closely before committing to our Summer Program. Academic, dance, family, or other commitments that conflict with our program will not be accommodated.

How are dancers placed?
During the first days the students are divided into groups at the discretion of the Program Director and Summer Program faculty. Placement is based on the combination of technical ability, approach, work ethic, curiosity, and the overall chemistry with the other dancers.

What is the general weekly schedule?

  • Pre-Professional and Advanced Programs: dancers attend classes from Monday through Friday generally from 9am–5pm, and Saturdays 9:30am–2:30pm. More detailed information on the daily schedule will be available upon acceptance. Each program culminates in an evening Showcase Performance at a premiere San Francisco theater.
  • Junior Program: students dance five days per week from 10am–4pm. An informal showing will be presented from 4–5pm on the final day each week.

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® classes are included in the Advanced and Pre-Professional program curriculum. Expert trainers work directly with students to help them understand and care for their bodies. For more information visit San Francisco GYROTONIC®.

Is housing provided?
Housing is available for the Advanced Program.

Housing is not provided for the Junior or Pre-Professional Programs. Consider these more affordable options:


Do you offer scholarships?
Yes, the Summer Program offers scholarships. Awards are based on both the financial need of the family and the student’s artistic potential. More information will be made available upon acceptance.

More LINES Ballet Programs

I would like to train at LINES but I am not able to attend the full program. Are there any other options for me?
LINES Ballet offers a variety of alternatives if you are not able to attend the Summer Program.

I’m also interested in LINES Ballet Training Program and/or BFA Program. Can you tell me more about them?
The Summer Program is an excellent opportunity to get to know LINES Ballet’s core faculty and to garner an understanding of the overall philosophy our Education Programs offer. Students will have the opportunity to meet with Program Directors during the Summer Program sessions. Please visit our Training Program and BFA Program sections for more information.

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