Kathy Mata

To register for classes at LINES Dance Center with Kathy Mata, visit kathymataballet.org.

Kathy Mata trained with Ms. Tatiana Svetlanova of the School of Russian Ballet, Mr. Alan Howard of the Academy of Ballet, The Royal Academy of Dancing, and others. She was a member of the California Imperial Ballet, Pacific Ballet, and the San Francisco Ballet. Ms. Mata has taught adult dancers since 1985, and she has taught at LINES Dance Center in San Francisco since 1995, specializing in adult ballet. Kathy Mata Ballet was created in 1988 and has been showcasing original works synthesizing contemporary and classical dance forms since. Her company often incorporates multi-cultural dances and music, including gospel, Afro-Cuban, Japanese, Brazilian, Chinese, and modern dance, with classical ballet.


Alonzo King LINES Ballet | Dance Center

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