Katie Roy

Katie Roy is a dancer / visual artist / scientist / educator who thrives off of creative process and believes there is immense power and beauty in multidisciplinary exploration.

Katie began her training at New England Ballet in her hometown of Wayland, MA. She started her performing career with Boston-area touring company Dance Prism.

Katie graduated from Dickinson College in 2015 with a B.S. with Honors in both Physics and Mathematics. Through participation in the co-curricular Dance Theatre Group, she also had the opportunity to perform work by Sarah Skaggs and NYC-based Pam Tanowitz and Christopher Williams, among others. Katie returned to Dickinson as a guest artist in the fall of 2015 to premiere a work based upon concepts in acoustic physics and presented the piece in its early stages in a collaborative salon with Professor L. Koss to discuss connections between differential equations and art.

Katie moved to San Francisco in 2017 to complete two years with the LINES Ballet | Training Program, during which time she performed work by choreographers Alex Ketley, Brett Conway, David Harvey, Erik Wagner, and Maurya Kerr. She was chosen to be a student choreographer to develop new works on her peers twice, with guidance from Christian Burns. In the fall of 2018, Katie began to teach the inaugural ChoreoLab class for Teens @ LINES, and since then, she has had the honor of watching her students perform works created in studio lab sessions at festivals across the Bay Area. Katie has also worked as the Training Program Coordinator since 2019.

Alonzo King LINES Ballet | TEENS at LINES, Training Program, and Summer Program

Photography | © Katherine Brackman

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