Nora Heiber

One of the founding members of Alonzo King LINES Ballet and San Francisco GYROTONIC®, Master Trainer, Nora Heiber danced for LINES Ballet for 12 years where she served as a Board Trustee prior to becoming a faculty member of LINES Ballet’s education programs. Nora has been teaching GYROTONIC® methodology since 1988. As a Specialized GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer, Nora has provided training to many teachers currently teaching all over the world. Nora also danced for the San Francisco Opera for 18 years. In addition, Nora serves the arts community as the National Dance Executive for the American Guild of Musical Artists where she represents dancers, choristers, solo singers, and production staff of the opera and ballet. More recently, Nora and her husband moved onto a 20-acre farm in Penn Valley, CA where they have been offering workshops and personal retreats focused on the support of conscious living.

“The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® has empowered me to conquer what I was told was a career-ending injury in my early 20’s. I ended up dancing professionally for another 20 years and often feel as if this system has suspended my aging process. I have had the honor of witnessing and experiencing the evolution of a healing methodology that has the capacity to help so many people in such profound ways. It is impossible to express how very fulfilling it is to be able to share the seemingly magical qualities of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® with each individual with whom I am honored enough to work.”

Alonzo King LINES Ballet |  BFA at Dominican, Summer Program, Training Program

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