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Deepest gratitude to our generous contributors


As a non-profit 501c3, Alonzo King LINES Ballet runs on the fervid support of those who believe in the transformative power of dance. Donors enable LINES to develop innovative new work, while also supporting life-changing dance education.

LINES thanks the following donors of $100 or more who made contributions between August 15, 2020 – August 15, 2021. For more information, contact development@linesballet.org or 415.863.3040 x257.


Gifts of $100,000 and above
Benno Dorer
Marcia Grand
Lisa S. Pritzker

Gifts of $50,000 and above
Lucia Choi-Dalton and Greg Dalton
Micki Klearman, MD

Gifts of $25,000 and above
Shelby and Frederick Gans Foundation
Frances Hellman and Warren Breslau
Kimberly M. Hughes
Amy and Harry Schoening
Diana Smith
Lindsey Taylor-Vivier and Charles Vivier
The Laney and Pasha Thornton Foundation

Gifts of $10,000 and above
Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan and Rohit Dhawan
Carolyn Press Chatham and Andrew Chatham
Christopher Dydyk and Morris Ratner
Georgina Enthoven and Roberto Charvel
Vanessa Ginzton
Diane Jones Lowrey and Paul Lowrey
Nicholas LaFratta
Brenda and Alexander Leff
Betty Louie
Amy Resner and William Lee
Jeff Schlarb Design Studio
Martin Skea and Christopher Mondini
Carolyn Tyler
Aaron Walton
Benjy Weinberger
Al and Mei Wong

Gifts of $5,000 and above
Michael Agins
Julie Armistead and Fred McNear
Gwyneth Borden and Juan Fernández
Terry and Peter Boyer
Steve and Paula Child Foundation
Henry and Queence Choi
Ana Abdur Chowdhury
Roberta and Rick Cummings
Christine Herron
Shannon Houston
Gabrielle Hull
Henrik Jones
Rosa Ling
Janet M. Long
Carolyn North
Linda and James Rendle
Julie and Peter Rose
Cynthia Sears
Olivia Sears and Craig Bicknell
Lalita Tademy and Barry Williams
Wendy Williams and Noel
Teddy Zmrhal

Gifts of $2,500 and above
Iggy and Elaine Chong
Karen Clopton
Tom and Lisa Croswell
Lisa Farmer
Judy Flannery and William Wiley
Erby and Helena Foster
Kathryn Goldman Schuyler and Jim Schuyler
Fredeke Goodyear
The Hestia Fund
Ann B. Jeffries
Jessica Lindl
Debbie and Mitch Menaged
Michael Merrill
April Minnich
Jason Monberg
Paul Munro
Bas Ording
LiLing Poh
Elise and Jay Rossiter
Susan Shaw
Corinne Sklar
Thomas Strickland and Eydis Gudmondsdottir
Darian and Rick Swig
David Vogel
Cheryl and Charles Ward
James and Rhonda White
Ron Zuckerman
Breanna Zwart

Gifts of $1,000 and above
Anonymous (3)
Alice Phelan Sullivan Corporation
Josh Aidlin and Jennifer Stuart
Liz Allen
Donna Ames-Heldfond
Shellye Archambeau
William Banyai
Maureen Blanc and George Brandt
Jeffrey A. Bluestone and Leah
Rosenkrantz Bluestone
Donya Bommer
Victor Bonfilio
Kristine Boyden and Scott Taylor
Willa K Budge
Mark and Sue Burger
Grant Burville
Penelope Cooper and Rena
Margaret Coyle
Paul and Mary Ann Cummins
Courtney Dallaire
Philip and Beverly Davis
Augustin De Kerversau and Ryan Walker
Helen Degenhardt and Max Jacobson
Laura Depaoli
Brenda and Michael Drake
Carol Edgarian
Harry and Michele Elam
Cameron Erens
Christine Evans and Nicholas Ross
Joel Ficks
Patrick Finerty
William Forsythe
Alice Francis
Jane Freeman
Robert and Michelle Friend
Markus Fromherz and Heike Schmitz
Patricia Fulton
Larry Greenfield
Holly Hagens
Nancy Hammer and Ron Paskin
Larry Hancock
Sabrina and Marco Hellman
Amy Iacopi
Lynn Jeffries
Sue and Eric Johnston
Ariella Kelman
Sue Kim
Alec Leach
Craig Lipton
Pat Loomes
Troy Luchessi
Kevin Maas
Elvia Marta and Bayan Jamay
Kathy Mata
Sarah and Geoffrey McDonald
Susan McGarry
Andy McLoughlin
Erik Moore
Carla Morton and Michael Gravelle
Sabrina Moyle and Julian Abdey
Alexander and Emily Neil
Shanna O’Hare
Wilhelm Oehl
Kristina Omari
John and Julianne Pappas
Kim Polese
Gary Pomerantz and Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz
Karla Populus and Michael Tate
Sophia Reinders-Peterzell and Paul Peterzell
Mark Reisbaum and Michael Case
Robina Riccitiello
Bob Riddle
Jennifer Riedy
Oliver Roup
Lisa Rutherford
Sakana Foundation
Stephanie Saland and Jerry Fulks
Doniece Sandoval and Sadik Huseny
Pam and Gary Schroeder
Suzanne and William Schutte
Samuli Seppälä
Angela Shiu and Christopher Lewis
Bonita Stewart
Fran Streets
Pam Taylor
Sharon and Michael Tiknis
Sheldon Trainor
Priscilla Tuan
Susan and Sanjay Vaswani
Catherin Warner
Marie Washington
Dawn and Steven Willoughby
Charlotte and David Winton
Jacob Young
Stephanie Young
Hoyt Zia and Leigh-Ann Miyasato
Victoria and Richard Zitrin
Randall Zunser

Gifts of $500 and above
Ron and Allison Abta
Kate and Sachin Agarwal
Neetu Ahluwalia
Ulrich and Janice Aldag
Susan Alexander
Nicole Avril and Dan Gelfand
Sobia Aziz
Jeanne Barr
Gail Baugh and Jim Warshell
Crawford and Peg Beveridge
The Rev. Sally Bingham
Ruth Bond
Kimberly Brandon
Heidy Braverman and David Skinner
Lynn Brilhante
Dr. Fritz M Brunner and Leah Sanders
Chris Capossela and Leigh Toner
Michaela Cassidy and Terry Whitney
John Cate and Jeanne Myerson
Mei-Thieng Chan
Michael Chang
Eunice Chee
Virginia Chen
Lois and Steve Chess
Justine Costerouse
Lucille Dean
Puja Dhawan
Nicolas Dimond
Yi-Lun Ding
Meredith and Steve Dodson
Jennifer Doran
Joyce Dostale
Magda and Michael Fazio
Christine and Mark Fisher
Jennifer Fisher
Robert and Randi Fisher
Evy Flynn
Dan German
Matthew Goldman
Sharon Hall
Stuart Hanlon
Joanne Hom and Steve Disenhof
Tom Jenks
Jennifer and Joe Laska
Brigette Lau
Jeffrey Lefstin and Jeneen Johnston
Kit and Hayne Leland
Chisato and Wade Loo
Willie and Juanita Lott
Gary and Susanne Lucas
Bernice Malizia
Sarah and James Manyika
Ziba Marashi and Tom Hill
Aimee Martel
Hope Mehlman and Eli Hurowitz
Sharon Murphy
Rochelle Nadhiri
Brian and Jessica Neil
Murrey Nelson
Carla Oakley
Dariusz Paczuski
Rowan Paul
Roger Peeks and Judy Bellk
Frank Petkovich
Siobhan Quinn
Susannah Raub
Felicity Rogers-Chapman and Robert Chapman
Pepi Ross
Rose Roven
Philp Sager
Carolyn Samiere
Diana Sanson and Ben Compton
Dominique Scaggs
Magnus Schevene
Kristine and Randy Schwabacher
David and Maria Seward
Douglas Shaffer and Walter Rask
Stephen Shoup
Jeff Swofford
Martin Tannenbaum and Alex Ingersoll
Cary Taylor
Stephanie Tebbutt
Claudia and Philip Terry
Erin Thompson and Jason Hancock
Julie Tsai
Brooke Wentz
Monetta White
Annie Woods
Philip Yee

Gifts of $250 and above
Anonymous (2)
Kathleen Allen Crocker
Kim Arnold
Rachel Ash and Kian Kamyab
Dan Ashley and Angela De Le
Stacey Balter
Ayesha and Kevin Barenblat
Don Brown
Bill and Victoria Bruckner
Larissa Bruhns
Niko Canner
Debra Caywood-Rukas
Todd Chatham
Jay Cohen and Laura Cox
Marsha Cohen and Robert Feyer
Helen Cohen and Mark Lipman
Katie Colendich
Gail Covington
Omar Dajani
Jim Daly
Christina de la Cruz
Curtis Dennison
Kathy Dennison
Kim Diorio
Laura Depaoli
Charles Dithrich
Judy Domenici
Jacqueline Duncan
Leah Edwards
Pamela Ellison
Seewan Eng and Tim Nunes
Catherine Engberg
David Feld
Emily Felt
Teresa Ferrari
Jennifer Fetner Booth
Nancy Fleischer
Ann Fleishell and Chad Wiley
Erin Flynn
Deborah Franquist
Joel Fruchtman and Maureen Murphy
Jodie Gates
James Gerber
Vadim Geshel
Karleen Giannitrapani
Elizabeth Gillaspy
Graham Glass
Raj Gopal

Pam Hagen
Douglas Hanlin and Kelvin Lynch
Lorraine and Steve Harris
Cari Harty
Nkosi Harvey
Catherine Hazelton
Lawrence and Rebekah Helzel
Maryellen and Frank Herringer
Kenneth and Teri Hertz
Claire Hill and Timon Karnezos
Carina Hopkins
Ben Hu
Joy Hymel
Kenasha Johnson
Mary Jung
Kerry Keen and Nina Ebbighansen
John Kennedy and Scott Shafer
Melissa Kennedy
Kerry Klein
Michelle Koo
Brian Kreischer and Sarah Maxwell
Martha Ladd
Godfrey Lam
Kathryn Lankester
Jennifer Lee Ho
Noah Lehmann-Haupt and Nicole Cifani
Emily Lenzner and Vivek Jain
Kim Lewis
Sydnie Liggett
Tamara Lightfoot
Miriam Locke
Elizabeth Lyons
Mark Macdonald
Jesus and Cristina Mantas
Karla Martin
Ayesha Mathews Wadhwa
Patrick McCabe
K. Alexandra McClure
Jennifer McDonough
Diane Mondini
Leopoldo Montelongo
Gail Moody-Byrd
Nina Moore
Mary Morgan
Brynn Myers
Kirsten Neff
Hayley Nelson
France and Jim Nguyen Vincent
Jill Nunes Jensen
Gwynn O’Gara and Rob Catterton
Ayofemi Oseye
Joseph Pace
Madan Paidhungat

Isabelle Parker
Anna Maria Pellizzari
Mary Noel Pepys
Philip Perkins
Mark Peterson
Tanya Peterson
Colin Petheram and Karteek Patel
Jamie Phillippe
Cheryl Polk
Mark Rhoades
Eric Rice
Robert Riesenberg
Soraya Rios
Barbara Rodgers
Julie and Jeffrey Rosen
David and Janet Rothfeld
Linda Rude
Marci Seville and Susan Rutberg
James Simons
Amit Singh
Laurie Skophammer
Edward Stavnezer
Laura Stein
Reid Stephenson
Oni and J. Mark Strawn
Julie Strong
Edie Stubblefield
Candace Sue
Gary Sullivan and Timothy Lynn
Maeve Sullivan and Emilio Reyes Le Blanc
John Tan
Penelope Temsamani
Steven Tierney
Jason and Michelle Ting
Elise Traynum
Jessica Vapnek
Kati Voluntine
Andrea Walt
Curt Watt
Erik Westre
Fifi White
Karen and Stephen Wiel
Andrea Willms
Ronald Wong
William Wong
Pam Woodley Alexander
Brenda Wright and Steve Bowdry
Kal Yee
Gwen Yoshimura
Daniela Zappador Guerra
Erica Ziegler

Gifts of $100 and above
Anonymous (3)
Kumasi Aaron
Kenny Abiko
Radhika Aggarwal
Connie and Gary Ahern
Abbie Allen
Kendall Alway
Hugo Amaral
Linda Marie Anest
Christoph Angehrn
Brenda Asare
Kristin Ashcraft
Amelia Ashley-Ward and Evan Ward
Sarah Assalino
Anjali Austin
Holly Bacuzzi
Brad Bailey
Stacey Balter
Eva Barbarossa
Andrea Barney
Mona Baroudi and Patrick Whitgrove
Jessica Barreto
Noah Bartlett
Tanya Bashaw
Anne Batmale and John Cremer
Katy Batterman
Bennett Berson
Lisa Beyer
Susan Bilney
Alexa Birdsong
Adah Rose Bitterbaum
Katja Bjorner Gutierrez
Lucy Blake
Marisa Bradley
David and Peggy Brentlinger
Susan Brilliant
Maci Britt
Isaac Brodsky
Ronnie Brosterman
Angela Brown
Mackenzie Brown
Ayiko Broyard
Bill and Victoria Bruckner
Georgia Bryan
Ellen Burgin
Mari Burns
Brent Bushnell
Andrew Bye
Ramona Byrkit
Marguerite Callaway
Anna Cammisa
Deidre Campino
Yaya Cantu
Rachel Care
Grace Chang
David Chase
Mara Chavez and Jose Vergelin
Catherine Ching and Michael Freedman
Amy Chramosta
Agnieszka Ciesielska
Mia and Timothy Clark
Claire Cochran
Susie Cohen
Candace Coleman
Clemencia Colmenares
Martha Conner
Cyndi and Chris Connors
Gilberto Cooper
Alexandra Corr
Isabelle Corset
Jeff and Barbara Couture
Ian Cowan
Kyra Cowan
Ainslie Cyopik
Jessica Dafalia
Timothy Davey
Charles Davidson and Selina Williams
John Davis
J. J. Dayot
Sophie de Morelos
Dana Debski
Elodie Dempah
Leslie Dicke
Manfred and Inge Diehl
Michael Dila
Alyson Dinsmore
John and Jen DiPaolo
Brenda Divelbliss
Jennifer Doebler
David Donner
Scott Duane
Janka Dubakova
Eric and Andrea Dumbleton
Lorri Durbin
Ryan Easley and Jon Miller
Mark Eaton
Michelle Elliott
Judith Epps
Merrill Feather and Keith Richey
Terri Feinberg
Audrey Fenigstein
Camilla Field
Michael and Brenda Finney
Jan Fisher and Guillaume Shearin
Allegra Fisher
Sandra Flow
Brian Forney and Jack Thompson
Michelle Forshner
Casey Franklin
Stacey and John Fraser
Julie Freedman
Karen Fritts
Lorraine Gantt
Alfredo Garcia
Diana Garcia
Michelle Gellner
Verna Gibbs
Gwen Gibson

Lori Gingerich-Boberg
Matthew Girard Maxon
Janette Gitler and Blair Gershkow
Stephanie Glenn-Palmer
Elizabeth Goldstein
Jeannette Gontarek
Michael Gonzalez
Quentin Goodrich
Lois Grandi
Heiko Greb
Lani Green
Mara Greenberg
Lori Green-Guerdes
Linsey Grinder
Valerie Gruber
Franca Guerra
Larry Hall
Henry Hallowell
Marjorie Hamburger
Larry Hanover
Jessica Harjo
Karla Harr
Megan Harris
Janet Harris
Ronda Hayes
Nicole Haynes
Nora Heiber
Debra Heimerdinger
Diana and Toby Hernandez
Susan Herzig
Maureen Heymans and Cedric Depont
Justin Hileman and Renee DiResta
Alaina Hom
Caroline Horn
Mary Howse
Catherine Hsieh
Grace and Jason Hum
Laurel Hunt
Jane Hyun
Christopher Jablonski
Kristen Jacobson
Teri Jackson
Malvin Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Cristina Jones
Clennita Justice
Brendon Kane
Priyanka Kanse
Tamarin Kelly-Nielson
Sarah Kennedy
Richard Kerris
Sally Ketchum
Gita Khandagle
Paula Koda
Craig Koester
Camille Koff
Pamela Kramer
Joan Krenik
Joan Kung-Levy and Howard Levy
Jenny Kwon
Richard and Marie-Paule Laden
Kendall Laidlaw
Carly Landis
Katie Lang
Joan Lazarus Dobkowski
Nancy Leatzow
William Lee
Terrel Lefferts
Sarah Levantine
Joshua Levine
Rita Lewis
Cheng Li
Daniel Liberman
Judy Lichterman
Allison Light
Nancy Lin
Delroy and Nashormeh Lindo
Katherine S. Liu
May Liu
Theresa Look
Daiane Lopes da Silva
Susan and Frederic Lucas-Conwell
Emma Lundberg
Elizabeth Macias
Trinidad Madrigal and Tom Yankowski
Latika Malkani
Lynette Mandal
Jacquelyn Marie
Camille Marks
Patricia and Ron Martell
Zena Martin
Elizabeth Maruska
Angela Massey
Harper Matheson
Nora Matten
Curtis Maughlin
Sandra McIntyre-Haines
Brittany Meche
Sue Mennear
Larry John Meyers
Michael Michaud
Carole Migden and Cristina Arguedas
Brighton Miller
Naomi and Robert Mindelzun
Alden Mitchell
Carolyn Mitchell
Mathew Mitchell and Susan Prion
Lisa Moffett and Rob Stoeckmann
Barr Moses
Ekaterina Moshkevich
Anna Muller
Laura Murphy
Lillian Murphy
Sheli Nan and Sam Tabachnik
Gillian Nathan
Lily Ng
Alexandra Nicholson
Glen Nielsen
Ann Noel
Daniela Nomura
Leila Noorani

Johnnie Norway
Rhoda Nussbaum
Virginia O’Brien
Brian O’Connor
Frances Ohashi
Seana Onia
Tal Oron
Rosalinda Ortega
Christine Ouano-Dodd
Robert Pacini
Gloria Pass
Linda Petri
Sujata Pherwani
Leslie Pilot-Gatton and Ron Gatton
Julieta Pisani McCarthy
Linda Porter
Elizabeth Pratt
Joan Presky
Jill Prior
Deborah Pulido
Laura Pustarfi
Brent Radeke
Leonore Ralston
Ismail Ramsey
Rashaun Raymond
David Reuter
Judy Rice
Elizabeth Riddick
Pietr Robinson
Stephen Rock
Janet Rogers and Lawrence Simi
Lynn Rogers
Stephen Rogers and Lynn Marie Kirby
David Romano
Nicholas Romero
Jessica Romm
Carol Roos
Ivy Ross and Arthur Drooker
Robin Roth
Kaori Sakurai
Kim Sammet
Emily Sarantakis
Laurel Schaffer
Judy Schiffer
Karen Schiller
Max Schoening
Annie Sedeau
Margaret Selby
Heather Shane
Brenda Shapiro
Vera Shapirshteyn
Patricia Sheedy
Kathleen Shields
Eileen Siebenlist
Cynthia and Lloyd Silverstein
Laurel Skehen
Trond Skamstad
Aaron Slettehaugh
Estee Solomon-Gray
Ken Spielman
Danielle St. Germain-Gordon
Susan Stahl
Betsy Strausberg
Tina Stromsted
Gayle Sullivan
Margaret Sullivan
Michael Switalski
Rhonda and Bill Tannenbaum
Margaret and Robert Tatar
Anna Teeples
Indra Thadani
Jill Thompson
Jacqueline Thurston
Alicia Torre and Jonathan Nimer
Christine Tsang King Sang
Richard Turner and Thomas Urani
John Turner
Renee and John Tyler
Adine Varah
Yuliya Vasudev
Angela Venus
Deborah and Robert Verity
Alexandra Vesalga
Pierre and Regina Vilanoba
Linda Vogler
Alexandra von Oertzen
Melissa Wagner
Elizabeth and Richard Waldo
Debra Walker
Cecillia Wang
Bill Warburton and Sandra Venning
Emily Waters
Syam Waymon
Holly Webb
Paula West
Janine Wiedmer
Amanda Wilkinson
Dyana Williams
Kristina Windom
Eve and Russell Wirth
Barbara Wismer
Josephine Withers
Nancy Wolfberg
Joan Wooters-Reisin
Pauline Wright Dooley
Jennifer Wu
Paul Wyman
Shuaky Xiong
Ben Yalom
Yang Yang
Pamela Young
Bart Ziegler
Alanna Zrimsek
Shane Zucker
Breanna Zwart


Alonzo King LINES Ballet thanks the following Corporate, Foundation, and Government partners for their generous support.

PRINCIPALGifts of $100,000 and above
Bank of the West/BNP Paribas
Grants for the Arts
LSP Family Foundation
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

INNOVATORGifts OF $50,000 and above
National Endowment for the Arts
The Shubert Foundation
Yellow Chair Foundation

DIRECTORGifts of $25,000 and above
Robert Mondavi Winery
The Bernard Osher Foundation

DANCERS’ CIRCLEGifts of $10,000 and above
Ariel Investments
California Arts Council
Compton Foundation
Each Foundation
Koret Foundation
Sam Mazza Foundation
The Dexter F. and Dorthy H. Baker Foundation



Proper Hotel


LINES Ballet is honored to recognize those who have included us in their estate plans.

To learn more about making a planned gift to LINES Ballet, please contact us at 415.863.3040 or development@linesballet.org.

Estate of John Arana
Catherine Kirsch
Nicholas LaFratta
Michael Tully


Apple Inc.
Ariel Investments
Bank of the West
Gilead Sciences
Jones Lang LaSalle
Salesforce Foundation
UnitedHealth Group
VMWare Foundation


Amal Bisharat Photography
August (1) Five
Bacchus Management Group/Spruce
The Battery
Blow Up Labs
Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan and Rohit Dhawan
John Chiara
Christopher Dydyk and Morris Ratner
Gary Danko
Dan German
Richard Gerwe
Grace Street Catering
Heirloom Café
Christine Herron
The House
Kimberly M. Hughes and Steve Moazed
Genevieve Janssens
Diane Jones Lowrey and Paul Lowrey
Philip Kim
Alonzo King

La Mar
Lagunitas Brewing Company
The Morris
RJ Muna
Parkside Stinson Beach
Petit Crenn
Portofino Winery
Presidio Social Club
Proper San Francisco
Robert Rosenwasser
San Francisco Giants
The Slanted Door
Sterling Art Services
Mark Sullivan
Lindsey Taylor-Vivier and Charles Vivier
Susan Urkevich
Tohu Wines
Total Beverage Solutions
Carolyn Tyler
Benjy Weinberger
Al and Mei Wong
Yaron Zakai-Or
Ron Zuckerman

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