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MARCH 11, 2023

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Join Alonzo King LINES Ballet in Cleveland, Ohio performing at Playhouse Square – Mimi Ohio Theatre. Celebrating over four decades of evocative dance, master choreographer Alonzo King’s unique artistic vision adheres to the classical form—the linear, mathematical and geometrical principles deeply rooted in the East-West continuum. The company will perform King’s newest creation, Deep River, a collaboration with composer Jason Moran and vocalist Lisa Fischer. Bending the lines between classical and contemporary ballet, he draws on the strengths of his extraordinary dancers, altering the way we look at ballet today.

“Alonzo King is one of the few bona fide visionaries in the ballet world today” — San Francisco Chronicle

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Photography: Alonzo King LINES Ballet | © RJ Muna


Date: March 11, 2023


Playhouse Square – Mimi Ohio Theatre
13110 Shaker Square #106
Cleveland, OH 44120

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