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Miami City Ballet Performs Alonzo King's Work "Following the Subtle Current Upstream"

MARCH 8–24, 2024

Join us in Florida to see Miami City Ballet perform Alonzo King’s work Following the Subtle Current Upstream during their Spring Mix program. King’s work investigates the deeply rooted affinities between Western and Eastern classical forms, elemental materials, the natural world, and the human spirit. Described by King as “a piece about how to return to joy,” Following the Subtle Current Upstream mirrors life’s boisterous waves and reminds us that everything in nature seeks to return to its source. King’s masterful choreography—set to music by Grammy Award-winning Indian tabla master Zakir Hussain, South African singer Miriam Makeba, and composer Miguel Frasconi—interlinks the dancers in dynamic, ever-changing patterns that stretch into graceful attenuation before they fluidly transform.

Interested in learning more about the history of Alonzo’s work Following the Subtle Current Upstream, which has been performed nationally and internationally by major dance companies? Read about the ballet’s story, and watch archival footage, on our BLOG.

Photography: Miami City Ballet | Dancer: Alexander Kaden rehearsing Alonzo King’s Following the Subtle Current Upstream | © Alexander Iziliaev; Miami City Ballet | Dancer: Hannah Fischer rehearsing Alonzo King’s Following the Subtle Current Upstream | © Alexander Iziliae


Experience Miami City Ballet performing Alonzo King’s ballet Following the Subtle Current Upstream.

City: Miami
Theater: Arsht Center
Dates: March 8–10, 2024

City: West Palm Beach
Theater: Kravis Center
Dates: March 23–24, 2024


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