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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I audition? 
There are several ways to audition for the Training Program including in-person, online, and video audition options.

How do I register for an audition?
Registration is open each audition season from mid-November to April. Determine which audition option works best for you, then click the registration button and follow the prompts. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email outlining the next steps for submitting required materials – Headshot, Dance Resume, Letter of Intent, Link to Contemporary Solo, and Letter of Recommendation.

Do I need to register online in order to attend an audition?
Yes, you must register through ACTIVE in order to attend one of our auditions options. 

What is the structure of the audition? 
Our auditions generally include a ballet class, LINES Repertoire and improvisation, but differ slightly with each audition option. For virtual auditions, please plan to log on with time to spare in case of technical issues. 

What do I wear to the audition? 
Wear form-fitting dance/athletic wear and style your hair neatly away from your face and neck.  Students typically wear a leotard with tights and/or shorts with no restriction on color or style. Wear appropriate footwear for the floor and space you are using. 

How do I find out if I have been accepted? 
Results of the audition are sent via email on a rolling basis. Candidates should expect to receive notification of their acceptance status within 2-4 weeks of their audition date. Note: If you have not received an email within 4 weeks, please make sure to check all email addresses affiliated with your account and the junk mail folder of each. If you have still not received notification, then email [email protected]

How many students are accepted into the program? 
Our maximum enrollment is 36 students.

Can I join the program for just one year? 
Completing only one year is discouraged for serious professionally-minded dance students. The curriculum is designed specifically to be a two-year, educational experience. However, we DO permit international students to attend only one year of the program via a J-1 cultural exchange visa.

If you are unable to commit to two years of training, please consider Training Ground, which parallels the Training Program but enables those with time or financial constraints to still submerge themselves into rigorous training for the duration of a 3-month season.


What are the dates of the program? 
September 5, 2023 – May 26, 2024

  • Fall Semester | September 5–December 16, 2023
  • Spring Semester | January 8–May 26, 2024

What is the weekly schedule? 
Students have classes and rehearsals Monday through Friday, between 3-5 classes per day. Each day starts at 9am with ballet class or GYROTONIC®, followed by a variety of other classes, including modern, contemporary, improvisation, composition, choreography, LINES repertoire, pointe, partnering, Alexander technique, yoga, anatomy, critical perspectives of dance, rehearsals, and/or master classes (TBD).

Expert trainers in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® work directly with students to help them understand and care for their bodies. Visit San Francisco GYROTONIC® for more information. 

Do students ever work with artists outside of the LINES Ballet | Training Program faculty?
Yes! The Training Program invites several prominent artists and choreographers in the field to teach classes, lead workshops, and create work on our students each semester. Recent and upcoming guest artists to hold workshops and choreographic processes specifically for the Training Program include: Sidra Bell, Gregory Dolbashian, Alex Ketley, Alice Klock, Chuck Wilt, Gioconda Barbuto, and Robert Moses, among others. Visit our ‘Program’ tab for a more comprehensive list of recent guest artists.

Will we have the opportunity to take class with Alonzo King? 
All Training Program students have the privilege to experience Alonzo King in an intensive workshop-style setting each semester, as his schedule permits. 

Are there performance opportunities? 
Students participate in Showcase Performances at the culmination of each semester in notable San Francisco theaters and in informal Student Choreography Showcases in both the fall and spring. In addition, several outdoor and collaborative performance opportunities arise throughout the year.

Is the Training Program a “feeder” for Alonzo King LINES Ballet?
Although a select few Training Program students have entered into the Company over the years, the Training Program is designed to nurture and develop the potential within our students to pursue and be successful in both the professional dance world and other professional paths.

I might need to have a job while in San Francisco. Can I do that while simultaneously participating in the Training Program?
Yes. Some students hold part-time jobs during Training Program off-hours. You will need good time management skills to balance your schedule and self-care. The program is rigorous and performance rehearsals vary on short notice, so we recommend seeking out an employer who is understanding of student/artist responsibilities. Ultimately, your commitment to the program must come first.

I would like to continue my academic pursuits while participating in the Training Program. Are there opportunities to take college courses in addition to program classes?
It is possible to take community college/online courses during Training Program off-hours. You will need good time management skills to balance your schedule and self-care, and ultimately your commitment to the program must come first.


What is the tuition for the Training Program? 
Tuition for those starting as first-year Training Program students for the 2023-2024 year is $11,250. This can be paid in full or in nine monthly installments beginning June 15th.

Once I’ve been accepted, how do I reserve my place in the program? 
Upon acceptance, students will receive an extensive email detailing how to register, pay deposit, submit required forms, and apply for scholarship. To reserve your place, you must complete the registration form on the student portal, submit the enrollment agreement and supplemental forms, and finally pay the non-refundable $1,125 deposit by the date indicated in your acceptance email. Our enrollment is limited. We advise registering sooner rather than later to secure your spot with the Training Program for the year.

How do I pay the deposit and tuition installments? 
The preferred method of payment is by debit/credit card through the online ACTIVE account. eChecks are also accepted through the ACTIVE system.

What if I miss the deadline to complete registration? 
Your place in the program cannot be guaranteed. Those under consideration for the Training Program will be put on a waiting list and added to the session roster if space still remains after the registration deadline. 

How do I know if you have received my registration and deposit? 
You will always receive an email confirming receipt of the document(s). We are automatically notified of your registration once completed. Please do not call to check if your materials have been received; we will contact you. 

What are LINES Ballet’s current COVID protocols for those attending the Training Program?
The Training Program no longer requires proof of vaccination in order to attend and participate in in-person activities at the LINES Dance Center. The use of face masks is encouraged in the LINES Dance Center, including in common spaces and studios. Subject to teacher discretion, masks may be requested in class. For full details, check out our visit page.


Does the Training Program offer scholarships? 
Yes. The Training Program awards scholarships based on BOTH financial need AND artistic merit. Scholarship funds are limited and dependent on the generous contributions we receive from individual donors.  

How do I apply for a scholarship? 
Upon acceptance, students will receive an email detailing guidelines and required materials to apply for a scholarship.  The scholarship application and required financial documentation are due by May 1 at the latest. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

I am a dancer over the age of 18 and financially independent from my parents/guardians. Do I include my information or my parents information in the scholarship application? 
If you are responsible for supporting yourself, you need to provide your own financial information and tax returns. If you and your parent/guardian share responsibility, please submit both and attach a letter explaining your specific circumstances.  

When will I be notified about scholarship awards? 
Applicants will be notified of our award decisions by May 15 at the latest.

What responsibilities come with being awarded a scholarship? 
Those awarded scholarships are expected to attend and participate fully in the Training Program and the Work Exchange Program in partnership with the LINES Dance Center’s facilities. Basic tasks and responsibilities will be assigned at the start of the Fall Semester. 


Does the Training Program provide student housing? 
The Training Program does not provide housing. However, we do provide recommendations and support, and the SF Chronicle recently released a Bay Area Housing Guide that outlines some of the nearby neighborhoods. Many students find rooms and/or apartments across the Bay Area and choose to live together. Enrolled students have access to a private Google Group to connect with classmates. 

How can I find a roommate? 
Once enrolled, you will be invited to join a Google Group with the entire student body of the program and can connect with other classmates.

How do students travel to the studio each day? 
The LINES Dance Center, home to the Training Program, is located just off of the Civic Center BART/Muni station and many bus lines. Many of our students bike or walk if they live in close proximity.   

Photography: Alonzo King LINES Ballet | Training Program | © Alabastro Photography

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